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Parent Testimonials

Santa interacted very well with the kids. He was very well informed and took into consideration the information I provided to him. He very well explained to the kids the importance of Christmas and how significant this day is to our religion in a way that kept the kids attention. He was great.
Anthi B., 2023
Angelo and Sophia loved meeting Santa. They were engaged and were reminded of the true spirit of Christmas and made Christmas extra special.
George Bougiamas, 2022
I just asked my granddaughter (6 years old) if she remembered speaking with Santa Claus (St. Nicholas) last year. She did. I asked her if she would like Santa to call this year. With a big smile she replied yes. I recall that Santa spoke to her about St. Nicholas and how he was the first Santa. This is a tremendous outreach program from our Church teaching The Spirit of Christmas
George Geranios, 2022
Our daughter and son were so excited for the chance to visit with St Nicholas, and now regularly recite our Lord's Prayer with a bit more vigor and excitement. Additionally, we went to a nearby Christmas Tree (at a club where we were staying) and excitedly left cookies & milk for St. Nicholas, as well as carrots for the reindeer.
Nestor Gounaris, 2023
My son highly enjoyed his time with Santa. Santa was warm, personable, and educational. Thank you!
A. Lambros, 2023
My Daughter loved it. She loved how Santa Spoke to her on a personal level. Thank you Santa.
Michael, 2023
This is our second year participating in a call with Nicholas Tele Santa and the kids always have a great time. Santa is very patient and understanding of our shy kids and even helps them come out of their shell.
Teddy Petrou, 2023
Our Children were first so shocked to get a call from Santa! He was so loving and friendly to our children and even encouraged our younger daughter to be nicer to her sister which we included in the info submitted! The Santa paid attention to the info we gave him and made the kids so happy he knew their background, favorite things, pets , etc. We will definitely be doing this every year!
Demetri and Barbara Sassos, 2023
The call with Santa was great!! My 4-year-old son was so excited to see him on my phone, and was surprised to hear that he knew so much about him. I love that we can fill out a form with all the personalized details and Santa is prepared to talk about everything. Santa was also so authentic and realistic looking. I have no suggestions for improvement; we loved it!! Thank you, Tanya
Tanya, 2023
The amazement and joy that our daughter showed when I called her over to the computer, telling her that Santa is calling, made the Christmas season. She was so excited to talk with Santa and is excited to get another call next year!
Chris Tjoumas, 2023

Priest Testimonials

I asked our preschool principal if we should do Tele-Santa again? I was ecstatic to hear from her “oh yes every child loved it when they talked with Saint Nickolas, can we do it again”. The preschool children when I told them that they would have a visit from Santa all in unison cheered. There was although some disappointment when they found out it was not going to be today. I can say that this program has given me the foundation to help our children believe that Saint Nick is real. They are not only going to believe today, but forever know that Santa is real. God’s Blessings to you.
Rev. Fr. Konstantinos Pavlakos, The Saint Katherine Paideia Preschool
Tele Santa Committee, Thank you for creating Tele-Santa! Our kids were super excited to talk with Santa and they glowed when they shared their time with Santa. Their interactions with Santa seemed very personal and engaging to the kids. I remember little Vasili's face lighting up telling me about it. Coupled with the main point to focusing on Jesus and the meaning of Christmas, you, ladies and gentlemen, have created an amazing ministry to our youngest parishioners. Well done! As a side note, an unexpected bonus ministry that I see is for the "Santas". These gentlemen have benefited greatly in offering this ministry and are fired up to continue. Bless you! Brotherly,
Fr. Christ Kontos

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