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About St. Nicholas Tele-Santa


Our mission is to bring children closer to their Orthodox Christian Church throughout the entire year by utilizing the technology of the Internet and telephone to communicate with them in their homes.  This could take place at various times, namely: Christmastime, Name Days, and even birthdays. This would be accomplished by using the beloved and friendly character of Santa Claus, who was originally Saint Nicholas of Myra, a Priest and Bishop of the Greek Orthodox Church.


Our vision is to expand the St. Nicholas Tele-Santa Program to include an individual “Santa Claus” for each Orthodox Christian Church.  The St. Nicholas Tele-Santa Program would help educate children about the original Santa, who was a Greek Orthodox Christian Bishop and eventually became St. Nicholas of Myra. Our goal is to share the love and hope that St. Nicholas gave to those children and their families. We hope to bring our faithful closer to the Orthodox Christian Church and Jesus Christ.